Eggless Baked Mango Cheesecake (with a twist)

Before the mango season ends in India here is a delicious, creamy and light baked mango cheesecake. It’s an easy recipe, quick to make and if you are a mango lover like me you will love this cheesecake. There is a slight twist in the recipe, which makes it even more epic. The crust is made with digestive biscuits and the creamy, light cheesecake filling made with fresh mango puree and made extra rich with the kesarya and Badam syrup, there that’s the secret ingredient. Once the secret is out what’s stopping you from baking it, bake it enjoy the pure joy of a mango cheesecake with a hint of Badam and kesar.

This cheesecake is the best mango cheesecake I have eaten so far. Its luscious, creamy and surprisingly light. The fresh mango puree makes it a smooth and tasty cheesecake. The one thing I was worried about was the liquids in my cheesecake I wasn’t sure if it would set but it set beautifully and once cold it tasted divine. The ingredients in my cheesecake aren’t something you wouldn’t already have or if you are a planned baker these ingredients would be readily available in the market.

Ingredients in my baked mango cheesecake

Digestive Biscuits

For the crust i have used digestive biscuits. Now, digestive biscuits are ideal for cheesecakes but if you don’t have them then you could use any biscuits that you have at hand. Digestive biscuits are easily available and make a good base for cheesecakes.


The butter I use is Amul, which is a salted butter but if you have unsalted butter at home just add a pinch of salt to the melted butter and voila you have salted butter. You need to melt the butter for this recipe and the butter provides the salt to the sweet and enhances the flavor quotient of the cheesecake.

Mango Puree

I have used the puree of fresh mangoes I have used a type of mango called langrah but you could use whatever mango you have at hand. Make sure the mango is sweet and if its not then increase the sugar in the puree from 30 gm to atleast 45 gm.

Amul Cream

Amul cream is readily available in the market and I have used it here to provide structure to the cheesecake. I have used the thick part of the cream, leaving the watery part of the cream at the bottom.

Cream Cheese

The place where I live in I don’t get cream cheese so I make my own. My cream cheese is thick and creamy. Its a major ingredient in the cheesecake so either you make your own or use a good quality store bought cream cheese. I have a simple recipe for my cream cheese and its so easy to make that you would call it magic.

Condensed Milk

I used sweetened condensed milk its a major ingredient in the cheesecake as it provides structure, texture and sweetness. Don’t attempt to make it without this ingredient, this ingredient is important. It provides a creaminess and sweetness to the cheesecake. Its a binding agent and very important for the structure of the cheesecake.

Badam and Kesarya Syrup (or thandai syrup)

This syrup is the magic ingredient the twist in the plot. Its the ingredient that provides the flavour, the badam (almond) and kesar (saffron) syrup is available in the market, if you have trouble finding it go for the thandai syrup its not the same but its close. This syrup is the game changer and makes the whole dessert come together beautifully.

Corn flour

This is the backbone of the whole cheesecake. This is what makes the cheesecake light and fluffy. This is the binding agent and without this your cheesecake would be a lump of gloop. This is the ingredient which makes the cheesecake smooth and its the reason your cheesecake wont crack. So , don’t even think of making this cheesecake without it.

Mango Essence

For that extra hit of flavor not too much just a little to make that cheesecake smell mmmm delicious.

Yellow Gel Copur

To give the cheesecake a beautiful yellow color.


  1. All your ingredients should be room temperature, specially the creamchesse, cream both amul and condensed milk.
  2. Weigh all your ingredients properly specially the liquids as too much liquid could turn your cheesecake into river of mess.
  3. Use good quality ingredients for this cheesecake.
  4. I have used homemade cream cheese which is just as good as a shop bought one I just made sure it was nice and smooth before I used it.
  5. Use good quality mangoes as they are what provide the flavor to the cheesecake .
  6. Make sure to check the date of expriry of the cornflour, an old packet may not be that strong.
  7. The badam and kesarya syrup I used was from Haldiram you can use whatever you have at hand.
  8. Now, if you want to check on how done your chessecake is , shake it and if it jiggles in the middle slightly its the right time to take it out. keep in mind the sides should be set and the center would be jiggly.
  9. Keep the cheesecake in the oven for atleast half an hour with the door of the oven slightly ajar. Once cool take it out.
  10. Keep it in the fridge to set for at least 8 to 24 hours, this will help it to be firm from the center.

Ingredients for the Crust

Instructions for the Crust

  1. Take the digestive biscuits and crush them in a bag with a rolling pin or just crush them by hand or ground them in a mixer grinder. Once the biscuit is powdered add the melted butter and salt give it a good mix and press it in a tin with a removable bottom. Keep it in the fridge while you make the cheesecake batter.

Ingredients for the Cheesecake

Instructions for the Cheesecake

  1. Before you make the mango puree add the mangoes and the caster sugar together and mix them in a grinder. Set aside. Now take the cream cheese, amul Cream,condensed milk, mango puree , thandai syrup and give it a good mix with a hand mixer for about 1 minute. Now add the essence and the yellow colour and give it a good mix. Add the cornflour and beat it well till all is incorporated well. Pour into the prepared tin and set aside. Bake at 180 °C for 45 minutes in a preheated oven I used a microwave convention and it took about the same time as an oven. Now after half an hour check the cheesecake give it a little shake if the outside is firm and the center jiggles a bit it’s done. If the jiggle in the center is very watery let it bake for another few minutes . To avoid browning cover it with foil. Once the cheesecake has bake look for that little jiggle in the center it’s done when this happens. Cool it down to room temperature and place it in a fridge to chill. It needs at least 8 to 24 hours in the fridge
  2. Assembly
    Once your cheesecake has cooled down take a sharp knife and run it around the sides to release it from the pan. Open the clasp of the tin gently and take the cheesecake out. Decorate it with freshly chopped mangoes ,flaked almonds and pistachio. Enjoy !


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