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Eggless Brownie Pudding Pie

Welcome to a world of rich, decadent treats featuring the goodness of a brownie crust, smooth eggless pudding, and a dollop of whipped cream. This luscious chocolate pudding is silky smooth, the brownie crust is perfectly fudgy, and the lightly sweetened whipped cream adds the finishing touch to this indulgent dessert. It’s easy to assemble …

Eggless Cake

Best Eggless Mango cake

This cake is a mango lover’s dream, there is fresh mango puree in the cake batter which really makes the cake incredibly moist and full of mango flavor. It’s soaked in mango juice and filled with the homemade mango jam like filling, which takes a few minutes to make. But the real star of the …


Gluten free Buckwheat Brownies

Fudgy, Gooey and totally grain free these buckwheat brownies are quick, easy and made with ingredients that are easily available. They are eggless and perfect for anyone who has gluten intolerance. My gluten free buckwheat brownies are nutty in flavor and their texture is fudgy and they are all in all delicious. Buckwheat is rich …