Eggless Malted Chocolate Brownies

Now, what do i say about these brownies I fall short of words they are so good. Malt powder I used was Ovaltine you could use regular white Horlicks believe me malt powder is such an amazing flavor specially paired with chocolate. These brownies are fudgy, chocolaty and that malt is magic. It’s amazing how a small amount of malt powder can add so much flavor.

These are incredible the best ever brownies in the world, please trust me on this- these are amazing. I love the fudgy part of the brownie; I love it when you bite into it and your mouth is suddenly bombarded with chocolaty fudginess. They are so so good.

Why Condensed Milk?

I have used condensed milk in nearly all my eggless brownie recipes. One reason being that condensed milk makes it fudgy and oh so gooey. It is the magic ingredient if I may say so, you might not think it to be a great ingredient but it’s an excellent egg replacer. All you have to do is balance the sugar if you are using condensed milk. About 1/4 cup of condensed milk is substitute for 1 egg. I love the thick, sweet, almost caramelly flavor of the condensed milk and I find it more versatile than yogurt or fleg.

Why Malt Powder?

Malt Powder is the white Horlicks Powder, but I have used Ovaltine in its place which is the same thing. Now malt powder lends a sweetness and malty flavor in the brownies which is a complete drool. I first discovered malt when i made a malt powder and banana ice-cream. I was in love with the malt flavor instantly and then decided to embark on a journey to use malt powder in as many desserts as I possibly could. I made brownies, cookies, cakes but the best was the brownie, it turned out delicious. Do try these brownies they are delicious.

The Incredible Brownies



  1. Take a microwavable bowl put the chocolate, butter, malt powder , condensed milk, coco powder and light brown sugar melt it all into a smooth mixture in the microwave. Now sift the flour and salt in this mixture , give it a good stir. Bake for 25 minutes on a preheated 175 ┬░oven. Let the brownies cool down and cut them into squares. Enjoy !


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