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Baked Chocolate Doughnuts

Soft, almost melt in your mouth, fluffy baked chocolate doughnuts. These are baked to perfection and glazed with a delicious chocolate glaze so that you can satisfy your chocolate craving.

I love doughnuts, infact i love baked chocolate doughnuts so much that they sometimes become my lunch or dinner. I love these soft pillowy cake like doughnuts, with an amazing chocolate glaze. Its pure chocolate heaven, for a chocolate lover like me. These doughnuts are not fried but are baked so they are cake like and moist in texture.

There are two types of doughnuts fried and baked both are very different in texture and taste but equally delicious.

Difference between baked and fried doughnut ?

  1. A baked doughnuts batter is slightly more thin than a fried doughnut and is usually placed in a ring mould and then baked whereas a fried doughnut dough is shaped into a ring and then fried in hot oil. Both need to be golden brown on both sides before they are taken out from the oven or the oil.
  2. They are slightly different in taste the baked doughnuts are cakey, soft and almost melt in your mouth whereas the fried ones are crispy and because they are fried they tend to absorb more sugar and more topping. The fried ones are less likely to get soggy and are probably more evenly brown when they are out of the oil.

Pros and Cons of baked vs fried doughnuts

If you love doughnuts you will know that there are two types of doughnuts first the ones that are baked and the ones that are fried. Now, these two methods of cooking/baking doughnuts yeilds doughnuts that are tasty but have very different textures.

  1. Baked Doughnuts are healther than fried doughnuts and are less messy to prepare as compared to fried doughnuts. But baked doughnuts are more likely to get burnt so they need to be watched while they are baked. One big diffrence is that baked doughnuts are not crispy like the fried ones but are cakey and moist.
  2. Now fried doughnuts are delicous but they have to watched as they fry in oil on high tempretaure and can get overcooked and as a result get burnt.

So which method is best for you ?

So which method is best for you, you might wonder. The answer depends on what you are looking for if you want a healthy and more flavorful alternative then baked doughnuts are a good option but baked doughnuts are slightly more expensive and less common. Now if you want a crispy doughnuts which are more common and less expensive the fried doughnuts are the perfect for you however they are less healthy and greasy as they are fried. Ultimately the choice is left to the person to decide which type of doughnut is better for them. Both are delicious but have their pros and cons.

Some common questions.

  1. Is there a diffrence in flavour between the baked and fried doughnuts ?

The doughnuts that are baked are cake like, light in color and texture and are not greasy in taste. They are also more flavorful. The fried doughnuts are greasy, dark golden brown and crispy. Mostly they are eaten hot that is as soon as they are fried whereas the baked ones are eaten at room temperature when they are slightly warm.

2. Is There A Difference In Texture Between Donut Fried And Baked?

The main difference between the baked doughnuts and the fried doughnuts is the texture.Baked donuts are often denser and more cake-like whereas fried donuts are crispy and soft because they are fried in oil and have a greasy mouthfeel. Whichever doughnut you choose depends on your personal preferance if you want a healthy doughnut that is low in fat and sugar then baked doughnut is for you. if you are looking for a softer, indulgent doughnut then fried doughnuts are perfect for you.

3. Is There A Difference In Calories Between Donut Fried And Baked?

Donuts are a common sweet and delicous treat in america which is readily avaiable and there are lots of choices to choose from. The fried ones have a fried dough that is then filled with sweet and salty fillings. There are a number of types of doughnuts to choose from and the calories in doughnuts depends on the type of doughnut you eat, the ingredients that have been used and the method it has been prepared with.

Its common knowlege that donuts that are fried have more calories than doughnuts that are baked. Generally speaking, donuts that are fried will have more calories than those that are baked. The frying of doughnuts adds a lot of fat in the doughnuts making it high in calories and a doughnut may contain 300- 500 calories depending on its size and what ingredients have been used to make it.

However it should be noted that there are doughnuts that are made with healthy ingredients like whole wheat, fruits, purees, seeds and are way healthier than some of its counterparts . The size of the doughnut also makes a difference a small doughnut is less in calories and a large is off course laden with calories.

The choice by the end of the day is yours and what you prefere to eat. My recipe is a baked chocolate doughnut that is cakey, non greasy and very very delicous. Here is the recipe



  1. Preheat oven to 350 °f and grease the doughnut pans. Mix the dry ingredients separately and the wet ingredients separately. Add wet to the dry and mix well until blended well. Fill an icing bag with this batter and pour it into the greased doughnut pans. Fill it halfway full and bake 13 to 15 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean. Loosen the edges of the doughnuts after they have cooled for 10 minutes and turn the pan upside down above a rack and gently let the doughnuts fall. Cool completely

Ingredients for the chocolate glaze

Instructions for the chocolate glaze

  1. Take the coco powder, icing sugar and add the milk half teaspoon at a time till you have a thickish glaze consistency add the melted butter and mix well. Spoon it over the doughnuts and sprinkle with some golden balls. Enjoy!


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