Every Day Banter


Hi everyone, I am Nari as I start my food blogging journey. I am a home baker, and this is finally happening I am finally brave enough to start a blog. I have been apprehensive about starting a blog since ages and somehow today as I write my first post, I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier. I love food, I love love food and there is no two ways about it, I also love love baking and I happen to love love baking indulgent sweet things that bring joy. Yes! indulgent baking, no running away from sugar, no hiding away from butter but just pure pure joy of eating a dessert that you know has been made delicious with lots of sugar and butter. My idea is that you don’t eat indulgent desserts everyday but when you do make it a memorable experience and that’s what this blog is all about, sweet, delicious indulgent baking. I don’t claim my recipes will be on the healthy side, but they will be delicious. Everything eaten in moderation is the key. I hope you will enjoy baking my recipes and make memories for a lifetime. Love N



Hi I am Narsis known as Nari by all my friends I am a food blogger, home baker, food photographer who loves all things sweet. Welcome to my Kitchen, where I whip up everything sweet and indulgent.