Eggless Chocolate Fudge Pudding
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Eggless Chocolate Fudge Pudding

An eggless chocolate fudge pudding is a delectable dessert that combines the richness of chocolate cake with a luscious, self-generated sauce. This pudding is eaten warm when it is just out of the oven. You either eat it with ice cream or whipped cream or just dig in with a spoon as it is. This is commonly known as a self-saucing pudding, the pudding is baked and it has its sauce so when you take it out of the oven there is warm, luscious cake on top and gooey hot fudge sauce underneath. It’s a marriage between a cake, pudding, and hot fudge sauce, what’s not to love? and it’s super easy. You might think it needs fancy ingredients but you will be surprised it needs nothing fancy just a few kitchen staples. I have added strawberry to this but you can bake it totally without it.

What is an Eggless Chocolate Fudge Pudding?

Appearance: Imagine a charming dessert, served in a baking dish or individual ramekins. The top layer is a decadent chocolate cake, typically a deep brown or dark hue, with a slightly cracked and textured surface. As it bakes, this layer rises to form the cake pudding, on looking it would just look like a normal cake but there are great hidden mysteries in it. Read on…

Texture: Upon slicing into the pudding, you reveal a moist and tender chocolate cake layer. The texture is neither too dense nor too light, striking a perfect balance. The cake offers a delightful crumb, creating a satisfying mouthfeel with each bite. The pudding is mostly eaten warm so the warm soft cake just melts into your mouth. Mmm, what’s not to love?

Sauce Infusion: What makes this dessert truly special is the hidden treasure beneath the cake layer—a self-generated sauce. As the pudding bakes, the magic happens. The sauce forms underneath the cake, creating a gooey and indulgent pool of fudgy chocolate goodness. The contrast between the cake and the saucy layer provides an amazing experience.

Aroma: As the eggless chocolate fudge pudding bakes, the kitchen is filled with an irresistible aroma of rich chocolate. This is what makes the pudding irresistible.

Taste: Upon tasting, you won’t know what hit you, this pudding is delicious, in fact, you won’t stop eating it. The cake layer offers a deep cocoa flavor, while the self-generated fudge sauce adds a gooey, sweet, and slightly caramelized touch. The overall taste is a perfect marriage of sweetness and richness, a marriage made in heaven.

Serving Suggestions: This pudding is served warm, allowing the sauce to maintain its luscious consistency. It pairs exceptionally well with a scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream, creating a delightful contrast to the warm pudding.

This pudding is just everything you want in a winter pudding, warm, comforting, gooey, fudgy, and don’t miss the liquid pool of chocolate under the cake, please click on the video above. You will understand this pudding better and before you think this pudding is very sweet you will be pleased to know that most of my family found it less on the sweet side. I know I know it’s hard to believe but please trust me this pudding is of course sweet but not cloyingly sweet. It has brown sugar in it and even white sugar but the sweetness is just perfect.

Ingredients that make the eggless chocolate fudge pudding

All Purpose Flour: no need for cake flour or self-raising flour, just plain simple good old all-purpose flour will do. Make sure you sift it once.

White Sugar: Don’t substitute the white sugar for any other sweetener as this is an integral part of the recipe.

Dark Brown Sugar: Now I leave it to you when I use dark brown sugar the pudding is slightly less sweet but when I use Light Brown Sugar the pudding is on the caramelie sweeter side. Use whatever suits you if you want less sweet opt for dark brown sugar which has dense caramel flavours and is not so sweet.

Cocoa Powder: I use an Indian brand of Dutch-processed cocoa which comes from Kerela it is one of the best cocoa powders I know exist. Use non-sweetened cocoa.

Baking Powder Ah! done leave it out

Milk: this is what brings everything together, unsweetened milk. I use dairy milk I don’t know if a non dairy will work.

Salt is important it increases the chocolaty flavour of the chocolate and cuts the sweet. If you are using salted butter then leave the salt out. But I use salted butter and still add a tiny pinch of salt.

Vanilla a good quality essence can do wonders, buy a good brand essence.

Melted Butter: salted or unslated use whatever you like, but if you use unsalted don’t forget to add the salt ( a pinch)

Melted Dark Chocolate Use a good quality coverture chocolate since chocolate is the king of the pudding use good quality. I used 55 % but you can use whatever your heart desires just remember if you use a higher % of chocolate your pudding will be slightly less sweet. I however don’t encourage you to play around with the ratio of sugar. Just stick to the recipe.

Strawberries chopped, and dried with a paper napkin (Optional)

Hot Water don’t leave this out at all you have to pour the hot water in the pudding please don’t leave this out and trust me. I know it sounds weird like who pours hot water into a pudding but this is what forms the fudge sauce underneath the pudding.

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  1. Take the dry ingredients mix them well and keep them aside now. Now take the milk vanilla melted butter and melted dark chocolate and mix it well.
  2. Add the dry ingredients to your baking dish and now pour the wet ingredients mix until combined. Don’t over mix add the strawberries chopped and mix in the mixture.
  3. Sprinkle the brown sugar and cocoa powder on top of the pudding and then pour the hot water on the top don’t mix this mixture and bake at 160 degrees C for 40 minutes till the bubbles appear on the side and the pudding rises to the top.
  4. Eat it hot with ice cream, strawberry compote, or fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Enjoy!


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