Eggless Coffee and Hazelnut Cake
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Eggless Coffee and Hazelnut Cake

This eggless coffee and hazelnut cake is a delightful fusion of rich coffee and nutty hazelnut flavor. The finely ground hazelnuts add a luscious nuttiness to the cake, complementing the robust notes of freshly brewed coffee. With a tender crumb and a subtle hint of sweetness, this eggless creation is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a celebration of textures.

The absence of eggs is seamlessly compensated by the use of condensed milk which makes this cake a little dense with an extremely soft crumb. Frosted with a simple coffee buttercream, and soaked in a coffee syrup this cake enhances the overall coffee experience, it is a wonderful addition to any occasion or a delightful companion to your afternoon coffee break. This cake has an element of surprise in it in the form of hazelnut praline which is sprinkled in the center before the cakes are sandwiched, there is hazelnut flour in the cakes sponges making it a great coffee and hazelnut experience. It’s easy to make too and you won’t be bogged down with this cake all day. It’s one of the best cakes I have ever tasted or made.

I love how the nuttiness of the hazelnut comes through in this cake, there is hazelnut flour in the batter and then crunchy hazelnut praline sprinkled between the layers, what’s not to love, the coffee syrup is sprinkled on the sponges, so they become nice and soft and then the praline, this eggless coffee and hazelnut cake is a treat for the dessert lovers.

Elements of the eggless coffee and hazelnut cake

The eggless sponge: made with all-purpose flour and hazelnut flour, the sponge is incredibly delicious, slightly dense with a light crumb. It’s an easy recipe and requires no work as such. Make the hazelnut flour at home by first roasting the hazelnuts and then dumping them in a food processor or a dry grinder and grinding till its powder don’t overdo the grinding as the hazelnuts would release their natural oils, you would have made hazelnut butter instead of hazelnut powder, which is good too, but we don’t need hazelnut butter in this recipe. Also let the hazelnuts cool after you pull them out of the oven.

The Coffee Soak: just coffee and sugar mixed in hot water and then sprinkled on the cake bases to keep them nice and moist.

The Hazelnut Praline: to enhance the flavor of the cake by using praline in the filling.

Coffee Buttercream: the best coffee buttercream ever. Easy to make and easy to eat.

Can we talk eggless?

A lot of people wonder how they can create an eggless cake which is as good as an egg one, I have a whole blog dedicated to this here is the link Egg Substitutes for Baking . The best egg substitutes for baking depend on what you are baking if you are baking cakes, I generally like using condensed milk or yogurt activated with baking soda. The sponge in this eggless coffee and hazelnut cake has been made with condensed milk as an egg substitute and its delicious, slightly dense but oh! boy the crumb is soft. Infact a lot of people avoid using condensed milk in baked products, but I believe everything used/eaten in moderation is the key. Condensed Milk is high in moisture so when you bake a cake with it the cake won’t dry up or become too crumbly, the moisture in the condensed milk balances the dry wet ratio. It is a sweetener as well as a binder. Of course, condensed milk sweetens the cake, but it’s also a binder as it holds all the ingredients together contributing highly to binding the cake.

Can we talk Coffee?

This cake is for coffee lovers, if you love coffee, you will love this, simply because this cake is a marriage between hazelnut and coffee which is a classic combination. But the coffee doesn’t overpower the hazelnut flavor nor does the hazelnut overpower the coffee, it is a beautiful balance of flavors, taste and texture. I have used instant coffee granules and they have worked well in this cake.

F for Frosting ?

This eggless cake has an amazing coffee frosting which is delicious. You need to be careful about a few things firstly the icing sugar has to be sifted as a lumpy icing sugar is something that is totally wrong for icing and may make your final buttercream frosting too sweet or with tiny lumps. To avoid that sift it, will take an extra 5 minutes maybe even 10 but totally worth it. Secondly, make sure the butter is soft and not melted because that would completely ruin your frosting, use soft butter and you will a dreamy smooth buttercream, Thirdly, the coffee as to be sprinkled little by little in the frosting as too much coffee liquid could make your buttercream a coffee puddle which is what you don’t want, so be careful when you add your liquids to the buttercream add a teaspoon at a time for best results. Fourthly, don’t overwhip your buttercream because when you overwhip your buttercream you add too much air in it and the buttercream has air pockets in it which makes it difficult to frost. Take it easy and enjoy the process.



  1. Instructions for the Coffee and Hazelnut Sponge
    Add the flour, hazelnut flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt in the bowl. Give it a good mix. Now in another bowl beat the butter and the two sugars add the condensed milk and give it a good whisk. Take the flour and add it to the wet mix along with the hot water and coffee. Also, you can add your Vanilla essence now. Mix it till its lump free but don’t over mix it. Take two 5-inch baking pans and distribute the batter evenly in them. Tap them in the table a few times and bake at 175-degree c for 30 to 35 minutes until toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Your sponge is ready.
    Coffee Buttercream
    Dissolve the coffee in 1 tablespoon of water keep aside. Beat the butter till its fluffy , add the icing sugar a few teaspoons at a time beat well after each addition. Once all you sugar has been incorporated add your coffee a few teaspoons at a time and beat it well. Untill it’s nice and fluffy now if it’s still dry you can add some milk and beat it again. It will be nice and fluffy add a pinch of salt and give it a good mix. Your coffee buttercream is ready.
    Coffee Syrup
    Take the brewed coffee and add the sugar in it and mix it well till it melts . Your syrup is ready.
    You have two sponge cakes with you split them into half. Now take a cake board place the first half of the cake on it sprinkle the cake with the coffee soak really well, fill your icing bag with the butter cream and ice a circle around the cake now fill the center of the cake with the praline and ice some buttercream on the top till you have a smooth top, keep adding all the layers, till you have a stable cake. Spread the buttercream well on the sides and center of the cake. Decorate it well, dig in Enjoy!


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