Eggless Cake

Eggless Mango Cake with White Chocolate Ermine Frosting.

My eggless mango cake with white chocolate ermine frosting is a delightful dessert that combines the tropical sweetness of ripe mangoes with the softness of a well-baked sponge cake. Its Perfect for those who are vegan, allergic to eggs, or simply out of eggs, this cake doesn’t compromise on flavor or texture. The addition of a white chocolate ermine frosting elevates this cake to a gourmet level, providing a creamy, rich finish that complements the mango’s freshness. This cake is easy to make and delicious to eat. The white chocolate ermine frosting is perfect for this cake as its not overtly sweet but just the right sweetness. This cake is perfect for an occasion or you can make it if you are craving something mango and the best part it’s a crowd pleaser.

Description of my Eggless Mango Cake with White Chocolate Ermine Frosting

My eggless mango cake is a delightful dessert that brings together the tropical essence of mangoes in a light and fluffy cake without the use of eggs. This cake is perfect for those with dietary restrictions, such as vegans or individuals with egg allergies, yet it offers a rich, moist texture and a burst of flavor that rivals traditional cakes.

Appearance: The cake has a vibrant, golden-yellow hue, owing to the fresh mango puree integrated into the batter. Its smooth, even surface can be adorned with a creamy white chocolate ermine frosting, fresh mango slices, or even a drizzle of mango glaze for an added touch of elegance. When cut, the cake reveals a soft, moist crumb that holds together well, highlighting its well-baked texture.

Texture: Despite being eggless, the cake is exceptionally moist and tender. The use of mango puree not only adds flavor but also contributes to the cake’s softness and moisture. Each bite melts in the mouth, offering a delicate and light texture that is both satisfying and refreshing.

Flavor: The predominant flavor of the cake is mango, which brings a sweet, slightly tangy taste reminiscent of a tropical paradise. This fruity flavor is balanced with a hint of vanilla, adding a layer of warmth and richness. The cake is paired with a white chocolate ermine frosting, the creamy, smooth frosting complements the mango’s freshness, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Aroma: The cake exudes a delightful aroma of ripe mangoes with subtle undertones of vanilla. This fragrant combination makes it an inviting treat, evoking images of sunny, tropical landscapes.

Serving Suggestions: An eggless mango cake can be served as a standalone dessert, or paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an indulgent treat. It’s perfect for summer gatherings, birthdays, or any occasion that calls for a refreshing, fruity dessert.

Overall Experience: Eating an eggless mango cake is a joyous experience that captures the essence of mango in a soft, moist, and flavorful cake. It’s a wonderful option for those looking for a delectable dessert that is both inclusive and delicious.

The Ingredients that go into my eggless mango cake with white chocolate ermine frosting Why?

  1. All-purpose flour:
    • Function: Provides the structure and base for the cake. It’s the main dry ingredient that forms the bulk of the cake batter.
  2. Baking powder:
    • Function: A leavening agent that helps the cake rise by creating air bubbles in the batter. It ensures the cake is light and fluffy.
  3. Baking soda:
    • Function: Another leavening agent that works alongside baking powder to help the cake rise. It reacts with the acidic components in the batter (like the mango puree and condensed milk) to create carbon dioxide bubbles, making the cake tender.
  4. Butter (melted):
    • Function: Adds richness, moisture, and flavor to the cake. The fat in the butter helps create a tender crumb.
  5. Sugar:
    • Function: Sweetens the cake and helps tenderize the batter by absorbing moisture. It also contributes to the cake’s browning during baking.
  6. Mango puree:
    • Function: Provides the primary flavor of the cake, adding a tropical and fruity taste. It also contributes moisture and natural sweetness.
  7. Milk:
    • Function: Adds moisture to the cake, helping to combine the dry ingredients smoothly. It also contributes to the cake’s tenderness.
  8. Mango essence:
    • Function: Enhances the mango flavor in the cake, ensuring a strong mango taste even if the puree’s flavor isn’t very intense.
  9. Condensed milk:
    • Function: Adds sweetness, moisture, and a slightly creamy texture to the cake. It also helps in binding the ingredients together, compensating for the lack of eggs.
  10. Yellow food color (optional):
    • Function: Adds a vibrant yellow hue to the cake, making it visually appealing and enhancing the perception of mango flavor. This is optional and does not affect the taste or texture of the cake.
  11. Mango Juice to soak the cake so that the cake is moist and flavourful.

These ingredients work together to create a moist, flavorful, and tender eggless mango cake that captures the essence of fresh mangoes

White chocolate ermine frosting is a unique and delicious type of frosting known for its creamy, smooth texture and balanced sweetness. It is a cooked frosting that begins with a roux base made from flour and milk, which is then combined with butter, sugar, and melted white chocolate. This frosting is often praised for being less sweet than traditional buttercreams while still providing a rich, buttery flavor enhanced by the subtle, sweet notes of white chocolate which has a specific function that contributes to its texture, flavor, and stability. Here’s why each ingredient is essential:

  1. Milk:
    • Function: Acts as the base liquid in the frosting. It helps dissolve the flour and sugar, and later on, it creates a creamy base that will combine with the butter to form a smooth frosting.
  2. All-purpose flour:
    • Function: Thickens the milk mixture when cooked, creating a roux or paste. This thickened mixture forms the base of the frosting, giving it a stable structure that holds its shape well when mixed with butter.
  3. Vanilla:
    • Function: Adds flavor and aroma to the frosting. Vanilla enhances the overall taste, complementing the sweetness of the white chocolate and the creaminess of the butter.
  4. Salt (a pinch):
    • Function: Balances the sweetness and enhances the flavors in the frosting. Even a small amount of salt can significantly improve the taste by bringing out the other flavors.
  5. Butter:
    • Function: Adds richness, creaminess, and stability to the frosting. When whipped, butter becomes fluffy and light, contributing to the smooth and airy texture of the frosting.
  6. White chocolate:
    • Function: Provides sweetness and a rich, creamy flavor to the frosting. Melted white chocolate also adds a smooth texture and helps stabilize the frosting once it cools and sets.
  7. Sugar:
    • Function: Sweetens the frosting. It is cooked with flour and milk to create a smooth, thick base, which later combines with the butter to make the frosting light and fluffy.


  • White Chocolate Ermine Frosting


  1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees c and line two 6-inch pan with butter paper and dust with flour. Combine mango and sugar in a mixer and then sift the dry ingredients that is the all-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda. Now combine the mango mixture with melted butter, condensed milk, mango essence, and milk fold it in gently in the dry ingredients with a spatula. Pour batter into the two 6-inch tin. Tap slightly to even out the mixture. Bake at 175 degrees c for 25 to 30 minutes until the toothpick comes out clean.
  2. White Chocolate Ermine Frosting
    Take a small saucepan and add flour and sugar to it. Add milk and keep the heat low. Keep stirring until the mixture heats up and the sugar starts to dissolve. Add white chocolate and whisk until it melts completely and the mixture thickens. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla essence. Pour the mixture into a bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap against the top of the hot mixture. Keep it in the fridge to cool. Now take the butter out of the fridge. please make sure it’s not too cold or too melted. In a large bowl whisk the butter until its light yellow and fluffy. Now add the mixture one tablespoon at a time to the butter beating it well. Add a pinch of salt and vanilla mix for 2 to 3 minutes. The icing is ready to use.
  3. Assembly

  4. Take the cooled-down cakes and using a sharp knife split the cakes horizontally into halves. Now you have 4 slices of this cake. Take one half put it on your platter or cake board and then drizzle it with the mango juice till it’s nice and moist. Now spread the frosting and make a damn around the cake, and add the cubed mangoes into the center and a little mango puree. Don’t overfill the cake centers as this might lead your cake to bulge or overflow. Now place the second half of the cake and repeat the same process with the remaining other two layer of cake.
  5. Now once the cake is ready you frost the outside of the cake with the remaining white chocolate ermine frosting and decorate it with mango puree, some mango chunks and basil leaves. I used basil because we ran out of mint but please use mint. Let it sit in the fridge for 2 hours and Enjoy!

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